Korvai Silk Cotton

The tamil word Korvai means 'sync' This ancient method is a prized textile weaving and is the true symbol of Kanjeevaram sarees. One can see a laborious work of contrast coloured weft of the borders interlink with that of the body. The experience and dexerity of the weaver are showcased in the saree's finish.

The Korvai saree's colour pallete is one with bold, contrasting colours that are bright and breathtaking. It is one of the hallmark symbol of Korvai Sarees. At Zeeva Sarees, we have curated all the classic combination which will have a special place in your wardrobe. Ideal to be worn for any special occasions.

Material: Korvai Silk Cotton
Length: 6.2 m
Wash Care: Dry clean
Blouse: Contrast colour

Series: AVAL

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